Equinox™ Angler 12.0F

- Dihedral hull for the ultimate stability and tracking

- Adjustable back rest

- Graduated foot wells

- Large stern well with bungees

- 10" x 18" elliptical bow hatch

- 6" round storage hatch stern and center

- Bow, stern and side carry handles

- Paddle tie downs

- Integrated drain plugs

- Molded-in cup holders

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- Dihedral hull for the ultimate stability and tracking
- Adjustable back rest
- Graduated foot wells
- Large stern well with bungees
- 10" x 18" elliptical bow hatch
- 6" round storage hatch stern and center
- Bow, stern and side carry handles
- Paddle tie downs
- Integrated drain plugs
- Molded-in cup holders



Tandem or Single? Single
Length 144.5 in - 367 cm
Width 29.9 in - 76 cm
Height 12.3 in - 31.5 cm
Capacity 420 lbs - 191 kg
Weight 69 lbs - 31.15 kg


Customer Reviews (6)

decentReview by Zach
got two for our cabin and they are not bad the seat tends to break but not bad for price (Posted on 10/20/2017)
Look No Further: An Honest ReviewReview by MICHELLE
My husband and I have been looking into getting a Kayak for about a year. To say we are picky is an understatement. We found this at our local Costco and really liked it. We made the mistake of not buying it right then and waiting to check around. We regretted that decision almost immediately when we came back to purchase it and they were sold out. We hunted one down at another Costco and drove two hours to go get it. Between the price, the design, great reviews, and the included paddles, it was hard to beat.

This kayak is amazingly stable and has great tracking (going in a straight line) without it being extremely difficult to turn. The design of the hull is exceptional and no other kayak we've tried has come close to it's performance. It's especially perfect for beginners. You definitely get more bang for your buck. Plenty of storage and some room for a small/medium dog to come along. I have a Pom and she can sit between my legs or behind me in the storage area. I have no fear of it tipping over while I have her in there.

I see people complaining about getting a little wet in the kayak. To me that isn't a deal breaker. Honestly, you are in a boat people. You may get wet. Lol. Just plug the holes if it bothers you. It's only a tiny bit of water on your butt. And that moves me to the seat. I'm not a fan of it. But I'm the girl that has a 4 inch memory foam and a feather topper on my bed. :) Realistically, if you plan to spend a lot of time on the water, you would upgrade your seat anyway. I got one on Amazon for under $50 and it's perfect.

We are looking to purchase another one of these instead of flipping for the "good" kayak when we go out. :)

I recommend this model to everyone. (Posted on 8/22/2017)
All You'll Ever NeedReview by Meatwagon310
This is my first ever kayak. It was between this one, or the 10' Pelican @ Costco. I chose this - go big or go home right!?! My only con is the weight. Other than that:

It tracks very well
Tons of storage
Rod Holders
Comes with a paddle
I can go on and on....

I took it out a couple of times and I'm very happy with the purchase. The scupper holes will leak. End of story. I, personally, am not worried about water getting in the boat, so I used some silicone to fill in the gaps by the scupper holes. Now its bone dry. Foam golf balls work very nice as well. I added a seat cushion and cheap back rest that makes all the difference.

My only advice is to secure this kayak very well on road trips. I have two cam straps in the middle on the roof rack, and a ratchet strap on the bow and stern. The first time I went out I even put a third ratchet in the center of the yak and weaved it through the van through the windows. 5 straps total - not the end of the world. Better safe than sorry.

I have researched for MONTHS to find the right kayak. This one wont break the bank and its pretty much all you'll ever need. Extremely satisfied.

(Posted on 6/13/2016)
4/5 stars - Great starter kayak Review by Falc150
Comes with a paddle and two pairs of scupper plugs. I've taken it on the water three times and it just keeps getting better.

Super stable
Paddle can be adjusted to two lengths
Fits milk crate or 5 gallon bucket and has room to spare
Great built-in bungee system
Two hatches with dry bags
Cockpit has flat rectangular area for storage and cutting bait
Cup holders are conveniently located
Handles seem well constructed
Ready to modify and expand for DIYers
Paddle keepers

Water pools in the graduated foot wells even if you have the scupper holes unplugged
Hatch lids are tough to unscrew.
Large hatch is still on the small side. For example, I tried to put half of a spare paddle in there and it would not fit.
No rod leashes

The seat is really not bad. I put a memory foam pad down and it's fine for several hours of use. The lower back support is decent.

This is a great kayak for someone who's just getting into kayak fishing. It's also great for someone who doesn't want to break the bank to get out on the water and catch some fish. With a few modifications, it will be a great boat for years to come. (Posted on 5/31/2016)
Great buy! 4.75Review by FlounderWetSpot
The only bad thing I have to say about this yak is the lack of a good seat.

99% of the people fishing or just even spending any amount of time in their kayaks are not sticking with the OEM seats any way so that honestly isn't a big deal. Certinatly not a deal breaker by any means. If anything it's more than likely cheaper to buy without and add to preference as oppose to buying a high dollar yak with seat you don't like that they charge you for any way and having to re-purchase one you like.

This thing has it all. With plenty of foresight put into it, there are places for fish finder mounting, extra rod holders as well as plenty of storage and places for gear throughout. I will be rigging this thing out to the fullest for inshore fishing in the bay as well as just out front on the ocean. It's perfect for that. I can also leave all my fishing stuff at home and go for a nice day with the Mrs. In the back woods creeks, streams and lakes. Simply put, this kayak is all you will ever need. End of story. (Posted on 4/29/2016)
Great product, great priceReview by C J@CA
Been looking for a kayak for a long, long time. Too many good features to pass up and looking forward to taking it out on the lake for fishing and relaxing. Plenty long enough, great capacity, well constructed and fits on my Honda Element easy enough. Thanks for providing *four* carry handles to move this up and down. I'm considering getting the mount kit for my roof and hitting the lake as soon as I can. The paddle even seems well constructed so between the excellent product and Costco's backing I am so glad to finally have this and sharing it with my family (if they can get me out of it). Thanks Equinox for making a super product in North America. (Posted on 2/21/2016)

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Q & A

Q1: Can I buy a spray skirt for my Kayak? If so, where?

A1: Only sit-in kayaks can accept spray skirts, but not all of them do. It all depends on the size of the cockpit and the shape of the lip. Some cockpit dimensions are shown on the product detail page. If you don’t see your cockpit dimensions, you can use a tape measure and check the width and length of your cockpit including the lip. To purchase spray skirts, please visit www.sealsskirts.com.

Q2: Regarding the «weight capacity» to a specific kayak, is there a general rule that applies whether it should suit me or not?

A2: The weight capacity stated on the kayak documentation represent the maximum weight the kayak can hold to be fully usable. For a more comfortable ride, always look for a kayak that has a weight capacity approximately 30 to 40lbs above your actual weight. It’s even more important for sit-on top kayaks as the closer you are to the weight limit, the deeper will the line of floatation be, resulting in more water coming into the kayak from the scupper holes.

Q3: Where do I find the Serial/Warranty #?

A3: Your kayak’s serial number is located behind the seat or on the rear left hand side (when looking at your kayak from the front). Please use this number in order to register your kayak on the Registration section of our website.

Q4: What is the best way to store my kayak?

A4: The ideal way to store a kayak is to sit it on a flat surface. If your kayak remains outdoors, you should keep it covered and out of direct sunlight. Do not leave any straps tightly clinched around your kayak for long periods, especially in warm weather. This could distort the shape of the kayak. For an easy storage and access to your kayak, we recommend to take a look at the different options in the Accessories section of our website.

Q5: I would like to put a rudder system on my kayak, is it possible?

A5: None of our kayaks comes with a rudder system. Even if there are third party rudder system available on the market, we do not recommend the use of any specific one. The installation of a rudder system is done at your own risk. Please note that any permanent alteration of your kayak hull will result in the cancellation of the warranty.